Consultation Fees

Consultation Fee

Important Note: Medaesthetics™ Follows Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines For Medical Fees And Marketing. AHPRA Prohibits Any Medical Service To Be Promoted By Giving Away Discounts Or Time Limited Offers. Cosmetic Clinics Offering Discount Anti Wrinkle Injections And Time-Restricted Discounted Cosmetic Surgery Offers Are In Breach Of Medical Board Guidelines

Cosmetic Nurse & Dermal Therapist Consultation:

  • Complimentary (No Charge)

Doctor Consultation Fee:

Dr. Ehsan Jadoon, Dr Tauseef Zia and Dr Tony Prochazcka are professional Cosmetic Physicians. Their consultations are thorough and they provide every patient with detailed information that takes time. State of the art 3D Facial scanners and digital skin analysis systems may be used to formulate an individually tailored treatment plan.
Your consultation will consist of:

  • Initial meeting and greeting with our clinic staff. It is important that you actually like our premises, feel safe and relaxed and are properly welcomed by our team. Developing a great relationship with our patients right from the very moment they enter our clinic is at the heart of our successful clinical model.
  • You will be asked to fill in our Patient Intake Form. This will include information such as your name, contact details, medical history, current medications, allergies, skin type etc.
  • Once the initial paperwork is completed. You will be taken to one of our consultation rooms.
  • A general discussion about your issues and concerns with our doctors and or Registered Nurses. We will make sure that you are provided with utmost privacy and encourage you to openly discuss everything that’s bothering you about yourself. We will ask you questions about your past treatments and your experience with other cosmetic doctors and clinics.
  • Some consults are simple and straight forward. Like consultation for Anti-wrinkle injections or Laser Tattoo Removal. Other consults are complex and tricky. We will try to get an idea about your budget, downtime and clinical expectations.
We will give you our honest opinion about the best possible treatment available to suit your budget and downtime and will also will inform you if any of those treatments are not offered by us in any of our clinics.

  • You will be given ample time to go home, discuss the treatment plan with your family or friends and carry out an independent research and/ or see another doctor for a second opinion.
  • If you chose to have a treatment done, the consultation fee of $150 will be waived. Consultation with one of our Cosmetic Registered Nurses is complimentary.
We practice ethical medicine and will not try to up sell any services or procedures you may not need or want.

Consultation with Dr Ehsan is $250 for a 30 minute session. This fee will be waived off if you choose to go ahead with any of our services.

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