Correction Of Botched Cosmetic Procedures

Correction Of Botched Cosmetic Procedures

At Medaesthetics, we routinely see patients who have experienced adverse outcomes after botched cosmetic procedures performed by inexperienced or unqualified operatives either in Australia or overseas.

The most common issues we fix are:

Non Surgical

1- Correction of poorly done lip fillers

2- Correction of excessively Arched eyebrows after incorrect placement of Antiwrinkle injections in the forehead.

3- Correction of swelling or lumpiness in the lower Eyelids after tear trough fillers

4- Scarring and hyper pigmentation after any cosmetic surgery, Ablative laser, IPL or Acid Tattoo Removal.


1- Revision Liposuction to correct divots and irregular skin surface created by inexperienced operators overseas.

2- Revision Blepharoplasty

3- Revision Face Lift

4- Revision Gynecomastia

Complex issues requiring Reconstructive Plastic Surgery are referred to relevant plastic surgery clinics.

Following Pictures are of actual Medaesthetics patients.

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