Procedure Fees – Surgical

Surgical Procedure Fees
Cosmetic medical procedures are generally not covered by private health insurance or by Medicare.  At Medaesthetics in Subiaco, we only perform minimally invasive surgical procedures which can be performed under local anaesthesia only. For such procedures, our patients don’t have to pay:
  • $3000 or more in Hospital Fees
  • $1500 or more in Anaesthetist Fees

Temporal Brow Lift:

  • From $6,950

Cosmetic Mole Removal:

  • $350- $400 for the first mole. $50 – $150 per mole for subsequent moles.
  • Milia, Syringoma, skin tags, xanthelasma removal,  $350 to $800 per 15-30 min session.

Note: A discounted fee structure applies when 5 or more moles are being removed in one session. Depending upon their size and location, it usually works out to be around $1000- $1200 for 8 to 15 moles.

Ear Lobe Repair: 

  • $500-$1000 for one side.
  • $1,200- $24,00 for both ears

Eyelid Surgery:

  • $3,850 to $4,500

Laser Assisted Labiaplasty:

  • $4,400 to $5,000

Lip Lift:

  •  $3500

Mouth Corner Lift:

  • $1500


  • $5,500 – $6500

3D Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL): 

  • $3,850 per area

Vaser Liposuction/ Liposculpture:

  • From $4,850 per area for the first area. $2500 for each subsequent area.

( In an average adult person weighing between up to 55 KG, Abdomen is One Area. For adults weighing over 60 Kg, upper abdomen is one area and lower abdomen is a second area. Both outer thighs are One Area in an average female. Inner thighs are one area, both upper arms are One Area, both love handles are One Area etc. Chin liposuction is half area and cost $2500 as a stand alone procedure but it is usually combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures and may cost less in that case).

Mini Face Lift, S-Lift, MACS Lift:

  • From $8,690

Neck Lift (Platysmaplication):

  • From $5,000 (Incision is under the chin)

Neck Lift ( Lateral Platysma Suspension):

  • From $7500 (Incision is behind the ears)

Stem Cells enriched Fat Grafting:

  •  From $4500 (All inclusive)

Mini Face Lift + Neck Lift:

  • From $12000 (All inclusive).

Gynecomastia Surgery:

  • From $6500 (All inclusive)

Note: A deposit of 50% of the total cost of the procedure is required in advance, to secure a booking.

We offer up to 3 x free follow-up appointments after each surgery. Each patient also receives 2 x free sessions of Heallite 11 LED Ligth after their surgery to help speed up the healing process. Additional Heallite sessions can be purchased at a cost of $100 per session to speed up recovery.

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