Registered Nurses

Bridget Savage

” Cosmetic nursing is my passion and I feel lucky to have the professional ability and skill to bring a positive improvement to those I treat.”

Bridget has just joined the Medaesthetics team as Senior Cosmetic Nurse Injector. She brings years of experience to our team and has a huge patient following in Perth. Bridget is a master lip injector and is able to tackle any concern from simple anti wrinkle injections to complex liquid face lifts, PRP and more.

Years of experience has given Bridget the knowledge and understanding about facial aesthetics which new-comers in the industry just don’t have.

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Christy Payne

” My work as a theatre nurse and cosmetic nurse injector demands dedication and commitment.”

Christy is a fully qualified Registered Nurse and works side by side with Dr Ehsan Jadoon to make sure each and every procedure is performed optimally and patient comfort is never compromised. With over 5 years experience as a Registered Nurse, Christy is passionate about cosmetic nursing. She is fluent in Anti-wrinkle injection treatments and runs our Wrinkle-Free Wednesday’s (wrinkle-relaxers) sessions.

Her down to earth nature and excellent people skills, make her extremely popular with all our patients.

Angie Barrett

Angie is a Registered Nurse with over 7 years of experience as a Theatre Nurse. Angie is passionate about her role in assisting Dr Jadoon in all surgeries and patient follow-ups. She is in charge of running our theatre. With her friendly and down to earth personality, Angie has the ability to make patients at ease during any procedure.

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