DR Ehsan Jadoon

“My work as a Cosmetic Physician is at the core of my passion. 
I believe in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic procedures and focus my skills at delivering natural looking results. My approach integrates exceptional clinical outcomes with empathy, compassion and care”.

DR Tony Prochazka

“I consider myself fortunate in that I love my work. The practice of Cosmetic Surgery is one that is driven by the obsession to execute perfect surgical technique geared towards producing the highest quality results. The resulting positive effect on a person’s self esteem is something very special to me. As a Cosmetic Surgeon, I consider it an honour to have that opportunity”.

DR Ewan Smith

MBBS, Cosmetic Physician

“My work as Laser & Cosmetic Medical Physician is the perfect blend of my medical training and my artistic skills as a musician. With a special interest in skin quality and rejuvenation, my approach is to target common skin concerns using advanced dermatological laser and light therapies. Providing results that improve the self-confidence of patients is my main priority.”

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