Procedure Fees

Procedure Fees

Important Note: Medaesthetics™ Follows Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines For Medical Fees And Marketing. AHPRA Prohibits Any Medical Service To Be Promoted By Giving Away Discounts Or Time Limited Offers. Cosmetic Clinics Offering Discount Anti Wrinkle Injections And Time-Restricted Discounted Cosmetic Surgery Offers Are In Breach Of Medical Board Guidelines.

Fees given below are for the purpose of providing general guideline regarding costs associated with common cosmetic procedures we offer. Not all Cosmetic Clinics have the medical staff with desirable level of experience, medical knowledge, training and expertise. A well-informed patient chooses his clinic based on trust and word of mouth, not on hype or cost.

The best way to get an accurate cost for your treatment is, of course, to pay us a visit in person. There’s absolutely no obligation, we won’t give you the hard sell.

At Medaesthetics® in Subiaco, all cosmetic medical and surgical treatments are carried our by Dr Ehsan Jadoon himself. Dr Jadoon is a nationally recognized cosmetic medical professional and is renowned for delivering natural looking results.

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