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Important Information:

In Australia, only fully qualified Medical Practitioners (Doctors) are allowed to perform cosmetic medical procedures independently. Registered nurses can only perform cosmetic injectable treatments when being directly supervised by a prescribing doctor. A patient wanting Anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers needs to be seen by a doctor before they have their treatment done by a Nurse. 

Cosmetic medicine is a highly competitive specialty. Like any other field of medicine, the qualifications and experience of your doctor is paramount in delivering results that are aesthetically pleasing and trouble free.

When choosing your Clinic, there are several key points to consider. These include:

  • Name and reputation of the clinic
  • Profile of the doctors & medical staff
  • What products are used in-house?
  • What follow-up do they provide post treatment?

About Cosmetic Industry In Australia
Laser and Cosmetic Industry in Australia remains unregulated. Only WA and Queensland have stricter medical Laser use policies in place. This essentially means that pretty much anyone in other States and Territories can buy a laser or IPL device and start offering skin treatments such as Laser tattoo Removal or IPL Hair Removal to general public. Most of the time, people offering these treatments are not even qualified beauty therapists! let alone doctors or nurses. Even worse, is the fact that there is no regulation in place to stop the flow of cheap Chinese manufactured laser and cosmetic machines to flood the Australian market. Dr Ehsan Jadoon.

A well-Informed patient is a happy patient?

Our patients are bombarded with information about cosmetic medicine and surgery appearing in print, electronic, broadcast and social media. Although some of the information obtained from these sources may be relevant, much of it is intended to sensationalise rather than educate. Websites and social media often overload patients with conflicting information and cause confusion, frustration and unrealistic expectations. It is the doctor’s ethical responsibility to educate the patient by presenting the facts in an unbiased manner. Not all Cosmetic Clinics have the medical staff with the desirable level of experience, medical knowledge, training and expertise. The well-informed patient should choose their doctor based on trust, not on hype or cost.

Why choose Medaesthetics®?

Value for money

Discount fast food chains and discount cosmetic clinics have a lot in common. As the saying goes, ”You get what you pay for”.

At Medaesthetics®, we aim to provide a premium service. We do not believe in making a quick profit by churning out large number of patients by offering heavy discounts.

Patient privacy

At Medaesthetics®, we understand Australian cultural norms. Not everyone is comfortable sharing his or her personal matters. We try our utter best to provide complete privacy for every client.

Long term affordability

We believe in fair pricing but do not believe in undercutting the market.

Personalised care

At Medaesthetics® we endeavor to provide a standard of care and service so each one of our clients feels special.


We never overbook and always allocate sufficient time for every procedure so our doctors work without stress.

Our doctors hold formal postgraduate qualifications in cosmetic medicine and work full-time in this field. We believe that a happy customer is the best form of advertising and “word of mouth” is what has kept us growing over the years.

No pressure to do more

At Medaesthetics® we will only advise cosmetic treatments based on your individual needs and not to meet sales targets. We will only advise you on procedures that will give you the best results at the best possible price. We may even recommend against having a procedure and will happily refer you to another clinic for services we may not be able to offer.

Patient satisfaction

For us, a patient is not just a number. Our team spends a significant amount of time with each patient to develop a trusting relationship and to understand thoroughly his or her concerns and expectations. We believe that a procedure, no mater how effective, cannot be considered a success if it fails to meet patient’s expectations and budget.

The pain factor

A factor often ignored by other practices, at Medaesthetics® we believe that any cosmetic medical procedure should be as pain and discomfort-free as possible. The simple fact is that for most people cosmetic medical and surgical procedures are not a necessity but a choice, and it is therefore imperative to make the experience as pain free as possible. Our doctors pay special attention to this and have developed and refined special injection and anaesthesia techniques to make common cosmetic procedures as comfortable as possible.

important Note: Medaesthetics™ Follows Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines For Medical Fees And Marketing. AHPRA Prohibits Any Medical Service To Be Promoted By Giving Away Discounts Or Time Limited Offers. Cosmetic Clinics Offering Discount Anti Wrinkle Injections And Time-Restricted Discounted Cosmetic Surgery Offers Are In Breach Of Medical Board Guidelines

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