Boutique Vs Franchise Cosmetic Clinics

About Cosmetic Industry In Australia

When choosing your cosmetic treatment provider, it is essential to understand the difference between an Independent, medical clinic (which is owned and operated by doctors) and corporate-franchise laser salons operating out of shopping malls (which are owned by corporate businessmen).

The Laser and Cosmetic Industry in Australia remains generally unregulated. Only WA and Queensland had somewhat stricter Laser use policies in the past which have recently been removed. This essentially means that anyone can buy a laser or IPL device and start offering skin treatments such as Laser Tattoo Removal or Laser Hair Removal to the general public. 

It is essential for Australians to understand that the laws and regulations which govern the provision of medical / health services in Australia do not apply to non-medical practitioners, operating under the radar. If something goes wrong, no one can be held accountable. 

A well-informed patient is a happy patient:

Our patients are bombarded with information about cosmetic medicine and surgery appearing in print, electronic, broadcast and social media. Although some of the information obtained from these sources may be relevant, much of it is intended to sensationalize rather than educate.

Websites and social media often overload patients with conflicting information and cause confusion, frustration and unrealistic expectations. It is the doctor’s ethical responsibility to educate the patient by presenting the facts in an unbiased manner.

As mentioned above, not all cosmetic clinics are run by doctors. And certainly, not all have the clinical staff with the desired level of experience and training. A well-informed patient should choose their cosmetic treatment provider based on trust and reputation, not based on hype or cost. 

Important Note: Medaesthetics® Follows the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) Guidelines For Medical Fees And Marketing. AHPRA Prohibits Any Medical Service To Be Promoted By Giving Away Discounts Or Time Limited Offers. Cosmetic Clinics Offering Discount Anti Wrinkle Injections And Time-Restricted Discounted Cosmetic Surgery Offer Are In Breach Of Medical Board Guidelines. 

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