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Overview of Cheek Fillers

Sharp and defined cheekbones are usually associated with a youthful and aesthetically beautiful facial profile. 

Over the past few years, more and more people are opting to have dermal fillers to augment their cheekbones. It is a relatively simple procedure, performed in under fifteen minutes and in the right hands, the results look very natural and aesthetically pleasing. 

The decision to undergo any cosmetic treatment is quite daunting for most people. It can be extremely difficult to find the right clinician who they can trust. They want to choose an injector who is able to listen to them carefully and understand their concerns. An injector who's clinical skills deliver effective and hassle-free results with minimal discomfort and downtime. 

At Medaesthetics in Perth, our cosmetic injecting team is highly experienced in facial contouring using dermal fillers. We employ a super effective and painless injecting technique using ultra-strong numbing creams, local anaesthetic and soft cannulas. There is virtually little to no downtime or bruising in over 95% of cases.

To arrange a consultation at our clinic in Perth for premium cheek fillers, contact us on (08) 9381 5840.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using fillers in your cheek can help smooth away facial lines and wrinkles and help reshape facial contours. These fillers can help add definition and volume to the face.

The cost of cheek fillers depends on the area you want treated as well as the amount of product you will be using. Come in for a consultation with our dermatologists to determine the exact pricing of the treatment you need.

On average. Dermal fillers can last between 12-14 months and some even longer. MedAesthetics ensures to use high quality products so you get value for your money.

Facial fillers are generally effective. You want to make sure that you get your fillers done by a trusted and experienced dermatologist to minimise any risk.

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