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Overview of Dermamelan Peel

Dermamelan™ Peel is a relatively new treatment in Australia but has quickly established itself has an excellent procedure to address various types of skin pigmentation disorders such as:

  • Melasma (Hormonal Pigmentation)
  • Freckles (Ephelides) 
  • Age-spots and Sun-spots (Senile Lentigo)

Dermamalan medical peel is currently our last line of defence against hormonal pigmentation (Malasma). Treatment-resistant Malasma, not responding to dermatological lasers and cosmeceutical skin products, can be treated with the Dermamalan peeling system.

Like any medical treatment, careful patient selection is extremely important when recommending any high-strength skin treatment. Dermamalan is a medical strength peeling system and has some associated rare side effects. It should only be used by qualified skin therapists working under direct medical supervision.

Medaesthetics is one of the first clinics in Perth offering Dermamelan peel since 2017.

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