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Excess Hair Growth

Overview of Excess Hair Growth

Excess body hair is a common problem affecting both men and women. Before the advent of dermatological lasers & Intense Pulsed Light platforms, it was an extremely difficult condition to treat. IPL (IntensePulsed Light)  hair removal works by selectively targeting the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle and destroying it.We have 4 state of the art hair removal platforms:

  • Lumenis Lightsheer Desire™ – High Speed Diode Laser
  • Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL)™- Intense Pulsed Light
  • Lumenis M22™- Intense Pulsed Light
  • Alma Harmony™- Intense Pulsed Light

All above brands are manufactured in the US and Europe and are considered the best in their class world wide. Delivering the best possible results safely, in the least number of treatments possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Candidates for Laser Hair Removal with LightSheer Desire

The LightSheer Laser technology has been clinically tested and proven to be suitable for all skin types, and for both men and women alike. If you have unwanted body or facial hair, the LightSheer Desire can help you. Common treatment areas include:

– Back
– Full legs
– Forearms
– Underarms
– Bikini
– Chin

Lumenis™ is a US based company recognized globally for manufacturing top of the range dermatological laser and light platforms. The LightSheer Desire™ and the Lightsheer Duet™ Lasers represent the newest and most advanced generation of laser hair removal technology, offering unparalleled speed, comfort, and effectiveness to the process of permanent hair removal.
Both these Lasers work by combining two technologies- High-Speed Integrated Technology (HIT), which uses an advanced vacuum-like technique to allow for easier and safer removal of hair in larger patches, and ChillTip Technology, which uses a specialized cooling mechanism to maximize patient comfort while treating smaller or more delicate areas with precision.

Hirsutism is a medical term for excessive hair production in women. Hirsutism can be a result of multiple factors and is a significant cause of emotional distress and self-esteem issues. All women have facial and body hair, but the hair is usually very fine and light in colour. The main difference between normal hair on a woman’s body and face (often called “peach fuzz”) and hirsutism is the texture. Excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s face, arms, back, or chest is usually coarse and dark. The growth pattern of hirsutism in women is similar to that of normal hair growth in males.

Hypertrichosis is excessive hair growth over and above the normal for the age, sex and race of an individual. In contrast to hirsutism, which is excess hair growth in women following a male distribution pattern. Hypertrichosis can develop all over the body or can be isolated to small patches affecting both men and women. Hypertrichosis may be congenital (present at birth) or acquired (arises later in life).

Folliculitis barbae is a type of folliculitis affecting the beard area. It also known as folliculitis barbae, shaving rash or razor bumps. It is a foreign-body inflammatory reaction surrounding ingrown facial hair, which results from shaving.

Folliculitis barbae occurs more commonly in people who have curly hair, because the curl of the hair means that sharp pointed end of a recently shaved hair comes out from the skin and re-enters the skin close by.

After shaving, patients may experience a painful acne-like eruption. The small lesions may be flesh-coloured or red and inflamed. If they become infected, pustules and abscesses may develop.


Before LightSheer technology, removing hair from large areas such as the back or legs could be painful, expensive, and extremely time-consuming.

At the same time, the LightSheer Desire’s versatility allows it to treat the more delicate face or bikini region just as quickly and just as effectively, even during the same appointment.

LightSheer Laser uses a laser with an 805nm diode wavelength, the new gold standard for universal safety across all skin types. Repeated pulses from the laser first eliminate existing hair, and then allow the laser’s heat to penetrate the skin and direct energy into the hair follicles, preventing future growth. Compared to other laser treatments, the LightSheer Laser’s larger spot size allows for deeper penetration with fewer pulses, decreasing the likelihood of future regrowth, while also allowing for a faster treatment.
The Lightsheer™ Laser offers three different treatment spot sizes for maximum versatility, and each uses specialized technology suited to that particular spot size. For the largest spot size, the High-Speed Integrated Technology incorporates suction to elevate and stretch the skin. By stretching the skin thinner, the laser achieves maximum absorption into hair follicles, while minimizing the physical sensation of heat. For the two smaller spot sizes, the ChillTip technology uses a specialized cooling system to achieve the same effect. The cold raises the hair follicle, allowing for easier hair removal and deeper penetration, while also momentarily numbing the skin to minimize pain.

LightSheer Laser vs. other Laser & IPL Hair Removing Platforms

The difference between standard Laser and IPL’s and the new generation of LightSheer Lasers lies in the comfort and efficiency of the treatment. The Lightsheer™ Lasers have set the new standard wavelength, to guarantee maximum effectiveness while being safe for all skin types.

The LightSheer lasers offer smaller, more streamlined handpieces that can be swapped out instantly. This allows for a faster, less invasive, and more comfortable treatment session than ever before. Comfort and time have long been the biggest obstacles for effective hair removal, but with the new LightSheer™ technology, those obstacles are a thing of the past.


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