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Overview of Jaw Slimming Injections

Facial slimming injections is a treatment aimed at reducing the bulk/size of jaw muscles (chewing muscles of the face called the Masseter muscles). The product used is called Anti-wrinkle Injections which is a naturally occurring protein called wrinkle relaxers.  

In some people, the size of the Masseter muscles is increased due to overactivity. Teeth grinding is one such factor. Injecting the Masseter muscles with Antiwrinkle Injections greatly reduces the teeth grinding problem during sleep.   

At Medaesthetics, we specialise in using Antiwrinkle Injections for facial slimming and treating teeth grinding. All treatments are performed by experienced cosmetic injectors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We take extreme care to make every procedure as precise and as painful as possible. A specially formulated extra strong numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to the treatment. Anatomical borders of the jaw muscle are identified and marked. Very fine needles are then used to administer the drug in the belly of the muscle. 

As mentioned above, we take extra precautions to minimize any discomfort associated with any of our cosmetic treatments. Most patients are not able to feel any pain once the treatment area is numbed. 

We have been performing it for over ten years now. Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Temporary bruising and swelling in the injected area.
  • Some patients may notice a slight change in their smile due to facial muscle weakening. This is extremely rare and usually settles within 2,3 weeks. 
  • Allergic reaction. 

It is critical to choose an experienced cosmetic injector for your Jaw-slimming injections under the direct supervision of a qualified medical doctor. 

This depends upon the bulk of the muscle and number of wrinkle relaxers units used. A majority of patients see results after four to six weeks. However, some patients have to get a second treatment after three months to see the full results. Females tend to see the results sooner than males. 

Pricing starts at $12/unit. Most patients need anywhere between 15 to 50 units on each side. On average, one treatment costs between $360 to $700 depending upon the number of units used.  In general, males require higher dosing than females. 

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