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Facial Fat Grafting - Medaesthetics

Overview of Facial Fat Grafting

Age and weight loss related facial hollowness is due to the shrinkage of facial fat compartments and bone remodeling. This results in some of the tell tale signs of facial aging, including:

  • Shrinking of facial contours
  • Flattening of cheeks
  • Appearance of lines around the eyes and around the lips
  • Sagging of brows
  • Formation of nasolabial folds
  • Jowling and turkey neck

Soft tissue volume loss also effects the back of hands as well as the outer vaginal region (the Labia majora). Restoring the volume in these areas brings back the youthful and aesthetically pleasing contours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure where a person’s own fat cells are harvested from one part of the body and grafted to another area.

Fat grafting restores youthful contours, making the are fuller and more lifted.

These days, fat grafting is increasingly being done along with other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, neck lifts and blepharoplasty for a complete surgical makeover.

Other body areas treated by this procedure include ageing hands, acne and other atrophic scars and labia majora. At Medaesthetics, we do not offer the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL). 

In cosmetic surgery, fat has long been considered the perfect soft tissue filler. It is natural to one’s own body hence there is no risk of allergic reaction.

We are able to inject relatively larger volumes making it more cost effective and the results last much longer than other forms of dermal fillers. Fat cells are also rich in stem cell factors, which have added anti-aging properties.

In recent years, scientific studies have shown that fat tissue contains stem cells known as Adipose-derived Stem Cells (ADSCc). The ADSCs have immense tissue regenerative properties and scientific institutions worldwide are attempting to understand the exact mechanism behind these regenerative properties of grafted fat.

At Medaesthetics® in Perth, we offer “Nano fat grafting” technique. The procedure involves three steps:

  1. First, fat is gently removed from the donor site on the body with a specially designed suction cannula. This is usually flanks, outer thighs and inner knees.
  2. The fat harvested is then processed and cleaned through the process of high-speed centrifugation to remove any blood or local anesthetic fluid.
  3. Finally, this purified fat is then gently injected into the donor site using specialised canulas, just like dermal fillers. The Procedure is performed under local anaesthesia and is virtually painless. On average the procedure takes around 90–120 minutes.

Immediately following the procedure, the face is usually swollen. The swelling starts to subside over the next few days. There may be some bruising which can be covered with makeup. Most patients are able to resume normal activities after about five days. We advise against undertaking heavy physical activity for at least four weeks post procedure.

Fat grafting is generally a very safe procedure. Common complications include post-procedural swelling and bruising. This is transient and should not last more than a few days. Some patients may require a “top-up” following the initial surgery. This is because the body reabsorbs some of the grafted fat. There are a few extremely rare side effects, Which will be discussed with you at the time of consultation.


Fat grafting costs depend upon the area being treated and the time it takes to perform the procedure. Facial volume restoration with fat grafting starts from $4500. Fat grafting in hands and labia majora costs $3000. In a few patients, more than one treatment session is needed for the desired outcome. Results usually last for up to five years.

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