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Overview of Lip Fillers

At Medaesthetics, lip enhancement with dermal fillers is one of our most popular cosmetic injectable treatment in Perth.

Unlike most other clinics, we pay special attention to make all injectable cosmetic procedures as painless as possible using high strength, specially formulated numbing creams and advanced injecting techniques.

The process of lip fillers starts by evaluation of the artistic anatomy of your face to determine the most appropriate shape and size for your lips.  

For truly aesthetic looking lips, they must become/remain proportional to the rest of the face.

Glamour Lips:

Some of our younger patients (usually in their early twenties) opt for a more glamorous pout. They don't mind noticeably bigger lips.

Natural-Looking Lips:

Most of our patients, however, want natural-looking results when it comes to the lip fillers. They don't want their partners or others to know that they have had any cosmetic procedures done. 

At Medaesthetics, we cater for all requests when it comes to dermal filler treatments. However, we do recommend everyone to have natural-looking results to enhance their appearance. 

Why choose Medaesthetics?

The decision to undergo any cosmetic treatment is quite daunting for most people. It can be challenging to find the right clinician who you can trust. People want to choose an injector who can listen and understand their concerns. An injector who's clinical skills deliver effective and hassle-free results with minimal discomfort and downtime. 

At Medaesthetics, our cosmetic injectors are highly experienced. We only use Ultra-premium lip fillers. 

Please have a look at our clinical videos and before/after gallery to understand why Medaesthetics has built its name and reputation as a premium cosmetic clinic in Perth. 

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