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Mini Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty


Mini Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty - Medaesthetics

Overview of Mini Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty

After pregnancy or sudden weight loss, stretched abdominal skin often stays behind and creates an unsightly loose skin fold in the lower abdominal area. People bothered by this excess skin and accompanying stretch marks, may choose to consider having a Mini Tummy Tuck procedure also known as Short Incision, Skin Only Abdominoplasty.
Both men and women can opt to undergo this surgery provided they are in good health and have no known contraindications to surgery.
 Medaesthetics® is one of a handful of clinics in Australia to offers CO2 Laser and Vaser Assisted Mini Abdominoplasty without the use of a surgical scalpel.
Important: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In Full Tummy Tuck, excess abdominal skin is excised along with a tightening of abdominal muscles and relocation of the belly button. This is a major surgery that needs to be performed in a hospital setting, usually under General Anaesthesia.
Mini Tummy Tick is a much less invasive procedure. It only involves removal of the loose skin below the belly button and just above the bikini line. This procedure does not involve abdominal muscle tightening or belly button relocation. It can be carried out safely in a day-surgery setup under local or twilight sedation.
Mini Tummy Tuck is suitable for otherwise fit and healthy individuals who just happen to have a small amount of loose abdominal skin. There is no underlying muscle laxity or abdominal hernias.


Most dermatological surgeries, including Tummy Tuck, have been performed by cutting the tissue with a surgical scalpel for centuries. The latest trend in cosmetic dermatological surgeries is the use of CO2 Lasers and Radiofrequency surgical devices for tissue incision.
CO2 Lasers incise the skin tissue with far better control of bleeding compared with the traditional scalpel techniques. Hence there is minimal tissue trauma and resulting scarring.
CO2 Lasers equal superior tissue incision, resulting in:

  • Less bruising, swelling and trauma
  • Improved patient comfort and safety
  • Faster healing process as the tissue surrounding the fat is not destroyed
  • Improved surgeon precision for greater accuracy in tissue excision


Incision performed during Mini Tummy Tuck is usually far less than Full Tummy Tuck. It usually hides in the natural demarcation zone between the lower abdomen and pubic area. It’s roughly the same area where Caesarian-Section scar sits. The resulting scar from Mini Tuck is far less noticeable than Full Tummy Tuck and can be further reduced by using CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing post-surgery for scar reduction.

You should follow a healthy and balanced diet prior to the operation. However, consuming certain products can make you bleed easily. Avoid fish and fish oil, green tea, ginseng, turmeric, garlic, alcohol for at least 7 days before your surgery. For the 10 days prior to the surgery, you should not take any blood thinning medication such as anti-inflammatories like aspirin or Nurofen and warfarin etc. Please discuss all current medications you are on with your doctor at the time of initial consultation.

Mini Tummy Tuck is a far less invasive and therefore, far less complicated surgery than a Full Tummy Tuck. However, even minor surgeries carry some risk.
This includes:

  • Infection
  • Post-surgical bleeding
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Suboptimal results

Another uncommon risk is the collection of fluid in a small pocket under the skin (seroma). Your doctor will discuss all these risks in detail with you at the time of consultation.


Yes. Any stretch marks present on the skin that is being removed during Mini Tummy Tuck are automatically gone with the skin. Remaining Stretch marks can be treated by Fractional CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing.

As described above. Mini Tummy Tuck is a day surgery procedure suitable for healthy and fit individuals who want to get rid of unsightly loose skin in the lower abdominal area. They do not need Full Tummy Tuck. Your doctor will assess you at the time of consultation to see whether this procedure is suitable for you.

Patients are reviewed the next day as well as 1 week following their surgery. The third review is usually scheduled after 4 weeks to 8 weeks. Most patients tolerate the surgery extremely well. Pain is usually controlled with oral analgesia. We recommend bed rest for the first 3 days after your surgery.

Prices start from $4500 to $6500. There are no extra fees charged.


The Medaesthetics Difference

"Art, indeed, consists in the conception of the result to be produced before its realisation in the material." - Aristotle

The practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery is as much an art as it is a science. The aesthetic sense of a clinician in evaluating a patient is as important as his or her clinical skills. At Medisculpt®, our philosophy is to artistically enhance your appearance in a way that stresses elegance over glamour.

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