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Neck & Decolletage

Overview of Neck & Decolletage

Years of Sun-damage, dehydration, chronic health issues, pregnancy, smoking and normal ageing process can all have detrimental effect on the skin of Neck & Décolletage (chest). People almost always overlook these areas compared to facial skin.
Wrinkly and dehydrated skin with visible lines can look aesthetically unpleasing and can have negative effect on one’s appearance and self-confidence.
Improving your skin quality may also help minimize the future risk of skin cancers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Medaesthetics®, we offer the most diverse range of skin treatments under one roof to improve skin’s tone and texture by experienced and well-trained clinicians. These include:

  • Topical Skin Care Products
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Hydrafacial MD™
  • Light Peels
  • Injectable Moisturisers
  • PRP
  • Skin Needling
  • Derma-roller
  • Derma-pen
  • Dermafrac™

Non-Ablative Lasers & Lights:

  • Laser Genesis™
  • Revlite™ Laser Facial
  • BBL™ Photo Rejuvenation
  • M22™ photo facial
  • Fractional Skin Resurfacing
  • Fraxel Repair™ CO2
  • Acupulse™ Fractional CO2
  • eTWO™ Fractional Sublative
  • Emerge™ Fractional Diode Laser

One or more of the above treatment options can be utilized to address almost all levels of enlarged pores. Our clinics will be able to device a personalized treatment plan for you after a face-to-face consult based upon:

  • Your Individual Requirements
  • Your Budget & downtime


Educational Patient Videos

Are you ready for a makeover?