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Overview of Nose Fillers

Non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers is becoming increasingly popular. It is an effective alternative to traditional surgical rhinoplasty in carefully selected patients.

The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers in the required area of the nose to slightly change the shape and smooth out its appearance, especially the profile. 

It is imperative to understand that Non-surgical Rhinoplasty using dermal fillers is associated with potentially serious side effects if injected by an inexperienced injector.

Why Choose Medaesthetics?
Any doctor or nurse can perform basic dermal filler treatments. However, a varying degree of results may be produced. At Medaesthetics, our experienced doctors and nurses offer advance dermal filler facial-contouring techniques which are only available at super-specialised cosmetic clinics. 
We use extremely high strength numbing agents and gentle injecting techniques to make each treatment as comfortable as possible.
Please compare the quality and clarity of our Before/After photos to other cosmetic websites to understand why Medaesthetics is one of the handful of Allergan™Black Diamond Cosmetic Injecting Clinics in Perth.

Dr Ehsan Jadoon has performed countless non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures (Nose Job Fillers) on carefully selected patients in Perth without any complications using effective injecting techniques. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who have had a surgical rhinoplasty in the past are usually not good candidates for nose fillers. 

Patients who want a reduction in the over-all size of their nose, whether it's the projection of the nose or width of the nose may not be suitable for this procedure. 

The nose is a very confined anatomical region and has a very restricted blood supply. It is critical for the treating doctor to understand the vascular anatomy of the nose and inject the filler only in allowed areas. One of the biggest risk associated with nose fillers is the risk of blockage of blood supply in one of the major arteries.  This can happen if the filler is either injected directly into the artery or if the filler compresses the artery. Patients wanting Nose Fillers need to be aware of this rare complication. 

The procedure has little to no downtime in most cases. Minor swelling and redness associated with the procedure usually settle within one hour. 

The risk of blindness in one or both eye is an extremely rare risk which is assicated with all dermal filler treatments of the face. Millions of dermal filler treatments are performed round the world each year and only a handful of cases of temporary or permanent blindness have been reported. At Medaesthetics, we have not seen a single such complication since opening doors in 2009. 

All Nose Filler treatments are only performed by Dr Jadoon. Prices starts from $500 for 0.5 mls of filler and $900 for 1 ml. 

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