Scarless Mole Removal




Up until recently, surgical excision (and stitching) along with cryotherapy (freezing) were the only techniques available for removing localised skin lesions. These old-fashioned techniques often leave scars worse than the lesions they remove and are now obsolete in high end cosmetic surgical practices.

When choosing your treatment provider, it is important that you choose a doctor who is expert in laser & cosmetic surgical procedures and not just any general clinic.

Using the revolutionary Radio-wave Surgery along with CO2 & Erbium Yag precision cutting Lasers, we can now treat a whole spectrum of benign skin lesions without any cutting or stitching in as little as a few seconds per lesions! This includes:

  • Raised Moles (dark as well as colours)
  • Flat Moles and freckles
  • Skin tags
  • Sebarrhoeic Keratosis (Age Warts)
  • Warts
  • Syringomas (small bumps around eyes)
  • Areolar (Breast nipple area) glands
  • Tongue papillae
  • Eyelid Cyst
  • MiliaVaginal Moles and Tags
Scarless Mole Removal

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Frequently Asked Questions

The lesion is numbed using high-strength numbing cream. For larger moles, this is followed by a local anesthetic injection using a very small needle. Once the area is numb, the procedure is virtually painless.

The Radio-wave or Laser device (whichever we choose to use) gently evaporates away the mole. There is usually no bleeding associated and since the skin is not cut there is no suturing required.

99% of cases heal without any scarring or discolouration. 


At Medaesthetics®, we use the latest Radio-wave surgery, CO2 and erbium-glass laser ablation for removing localised, benign skin lesions (after clinically ruling out any risk of cancer).

Doctors at Medaesthetics™ have successfully removed over 10,000 moles and skin tags in the past few years alone.



Moles and Xanthelasmas (yellow cholesterol deposits in the eyelid skin) :

$250 to $450 for first mole/ Xanthelasma depending upon its size and location. $50 to $150 for each subsequent mole. For more than eight moles, we offer a discounted package price of $1000 to $1500. 

Milia, Syringomas, skin tags, warts:

$350 to $800 per 15-30 min session (up to 30 lesions)

Note: Cosmetic medical procedures are generally not covered by private health insurance or by Medicare. All fees are discussed with you before the procedure. There are no hidden costs.


The Medaesthetics Difference

"Art, indeed, consists in the conception of the result to be produced before its realisation in the material." - Aristotle

The practice of aesthetic medicine and surgery is as much an art as it is a science. The aesthetic sense of a clinician in evaluating a patient is as important as his or her clinical skills. At Medisculpt®, our philosophy is to artistically enhance your appearance in a way that stresses elegance over glamour.

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