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Sculpsure™ by Cynosure™ is the latest laser-based technology that can target fat deposits under the skin and permanently destroy them using Thermal Laser Energy. 

Having been launched in Australia in 2015 after a successful launch in Europe and the United States of America, Sculpsure™ has since established itself as one of the top non-surgical body-sculpting treatments in the world.

Medisculpt™ is proud to be one of the very first clinics to be able to offer this effective fat reduction treatment in Perth, Western Australia.

Note: Medisculpt™ is the only clinic in Perth to offer the entire spectrum of surgical and non-surgical fat reduction treatments under one roof. We are better qualified to advise you about the most appropriate treatment option for you based on your individual needs, expectations and budget.


Sculpsure™ Laser Fat Reduction

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