Tear Trough Fillers

As we age the junction between lower eyelids and cheeks (The Lid-cheek junction) becomes hollow and deepens, causing a tired, unhealthy and ageing appearance. This hollow area, also known as the “tear trough” often appears darker than the surrounding skin due to the reflection of light. For some unlucky individuals, the hollowing of tear troughs and appearance of dark circles can happen in a younger age. This can be made worse with lack of exercise, stress, prolonged illness, substance abuse and poor sleep patterns.

Dermal fillers work by adding volume to the lower eyelid tear trough area which starts to loose volume as we age. Filler gel is painlessly injected using a fine cannula after the area is thoroughly anaesthetised with local anaesthetic cream. This replenishes the lost soft tissue volume in the area, resulting in a fuller , more contoured look.  The procedure takes around 15 -30 minutes. Results are seen instantly and give a younger and more fresh appearance. Effect of the treatment can last between 8 and 18 months.


Tear Trough Fillers
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