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Vaginal Rejuvenation Fillers

Overview of Vaginal Rejuvenation Fillers

The effect of the filler – known as ‘labial puff’ treatment – is to volumise the labia majora, thereby concealing the labia minora in order to give a more proportioned appearance. It aims to restore tone and elasticity, strengthen the intra-vaginal muscles, and improve sensitivity, while also reducing mucosal dryness. This can have a significant impact on the patient’s day-to-day life, making simple things like sitting, exercising and wearing tighter trousers more comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment usually involves the application of extra strong numbing cream and local infiltration of anaesthesia to the treated area. 

Once the area is entirely numb, Dermal filler gel is carefully injected using ultra-fine needles or soft cannulas. 

Treatment times vary depending on the amount of dermal fillers required and the area treated, but generally takes about 15  to 45 minutes. 

After treatment, it is possible to apply makeup, and to go about your normal activities. Patients are advised to refrain from heavy exercise, and excessive alcohol as these factors can increase the risk of bruising. Treatment with dermal fillers sometimes does take more than one session to achieve the best results. 

Dermal fillers treatment usually requires some form of anaesthesia. Our doctors have developed special anaesthetic techniques to make the procedure virtually pain/discomfort free. This includes vibrational anaesthesia device, extra strong topical numbing creams and inhalation anaesthesia gas.

We are often told by patients who have had fillers done elsewhere before, that our injecting techniques are by far the least painful.

There are very few risks associated with dermal fillers when used by an experienced doctor or Nurse who knows the facial anatomy well. 

Allergic reactions and significant vascular trauma are very infrequent. Minor side effects include temporary swelling and bruising at the site of injection.

Generally, there is minimal downtime, and most people return to their normal activities later in the day. The downtime is usually due to swelling or bruising, which can be easily camouflaged by makeup in most cases. Fillers in the lips tend to cause more swelling in older patients and may last for up to 72 hours in some cases but then settles very nicely.

Results with Carbohydrate Gel dermal fillers are usually visible immediately after the treatment. However, these results improve over the next two weeks. This is because fillers attract moisture and “mature” after they are injected in the skin. There can be some swelling immediately after the treatment which subsides within a few days. Bio-stimulatory fillers tend to work over a period of several weeks and require 3 or more treatment sessions before the results are visible.

This depends upon the type of dermal filler used, its consistency and the treatment site. Most Carbohydrate Gel fillers last between 6 to 24 months. There is a tendency for fillers to last less long in people:

  • Who are smokers
  • Have high metabolism
  • Are actively trying to lose weight
  • Are on carbohydrate-restricted diet
  • Under-going emotional stress
  • Or are engaged in vigorous physical exercise programs.

Fat grafting is an excellent and longer lasting alternative to dermal fillers in carefully selected patients.

Fat cells exist naturally in the body and contain stem cells. Medaesthetics® is among the handful of clinics in Australia to offer the latest Nano Fat Grafting Injection treatment for facial volume loss and rejuvenation. 

Bruising and swelling are the most common side effect of any injection-based treatment. To minimise these side effects, patients are advised to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin (unless for medical reasons) ibuprofen, fish oil supplements, green tea, garlic, ginkgo and other herbal products for a week before the procedure. All these products are known to thin the blood and increase its clotting time, hence increasing the risk of bruising. Please inform our staff if you are using any medication at the time of your initial consult.

Alcohol also increases the risk of bruising and its consumption should be kept to a minimum the day before your procedure. We also encourage our clients to commence arnica tablets a few days before treatment. Arnica is a herbal supplement and is known to reduce the risk of bruising. It is available over the counter in most pharmacies.

(Note: If you have a history of cold sores, please notify us at the time of initial consultation as soft tissue filler treatment can cause a flare-up. You may be required to take prophylactic anti-viral medications).

The cost of dermal filler treatment depends upon the type and brand of filler used, the amount used per session and the area being treated.

Each patient is unique and has individual treatment requirement. This is assessed during the initial consultation with the treating clinician.

A treatment plan is mapped out for each patient based upon their budget and clinical improvement they are wanting to achieve. We primarily use Allergan™ range of filers which are considered to be the best in the market with most extended results among HA Fillers.

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