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Treatment Highlights

• Clinically Proven Results
• Medically Supervised Treatment
• Careful Patient Selection

Bruxism is the medical term for teeth grinding and jaw clenching, often occurring unconsciously during sleep or in response to stress. It can lead to a range of issues, including jaw pain, headaches, worn teeth, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

Teeth Grinding injections offer an effective non-surgical treatment for bruxism. By relaxing the muscles responsible for teeth grinding and clenching and associated discomfort.

Cost of Teeth Grinding Injections

From $360 – $800/ session

Note: Above pricing is for general guidelines only and may vary based on an individual’s clinical requirement.

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In clinical practice, we find that Involuntary teeth grinding is often associated with psychological stress

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Treatment Summary – Teeth Grinding

No. of Treatments

Usually, one treatment is sufficient in most cases.
Some patients may require a touch-up treatment for additional benefit.

Procedure Time

Usually 15 minutes.

Discomfort Level

Strong numbing cream is applied to the treatment area prior to each treatment.

Recovery Time

There is usually no downtime.
Minor redness and swelling which settles within few minutes.
As with all injectable treatment there is a risk of bruising at the site of injection.


Results are noticeable within few days after the first treatment.

Duration of Results

4 to 6 months.
This depends upon the amount of product users and the size of the muscles.

Resumption of Usual Activities

Immediately for most light activities.
Avoid strenuous exercise for first 24-48 hours.

General Information

Potential Risks & Complications

• Allergic reaction (very rare)
• Prolonged swelling for a few days (rare)
• Temporary effect on smile (very rare)

Treatment Information

The process starts with careful history taking and clinical evaluation of the patient.

The treatment works by weakening the strength of the Jawline Muscle (The chewing muscle called the Masseter Muscle) which results in the reduction of its size and strength.

10 – 30 units of Anti-Wrinkle injections may be needed per side for this treatment to be effective.

Patients are asked to give their feedback 4 weeks after the treatment. Sometimes a top-up treatment is needed if the initial treatment did not deliver the desired results.

MedAesthetics have been performing this treatment for more than 14 years, making us one of the most experienced clinics in WA.

What Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections Made Of?

Purified protein (Amino Acids). We use only the leading brands.

Pain Management:

To accommodate the specific needs of each procedure, a range of options may be utilised to reduce treatment discomfort. These including the application of high-strength topical numbing cream, inhalation (laughing) gas, local anaesthesia, and the use of skin cooling devices.

At Medaesthetics, we prioritise the comfort and well-being of our patients and are committed to providing a safe and tolerable experience during all procedures.

We pay special attention to making all injectable cosmetic treatments as pain-free as possible using specially formulated, high-strength numbing creams, micro-needles, and advanced injecting techniques.

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It is important that you choose your treatment provider based upon their experience and reputation and not just on marketing hype or discount pricing.

How To Choose Your Treatment Provider

The decision to undergo any cosmetic treatment can be quite daunting for some people. It can be tough to find the right clinician who you can trust.

People want to choose a clinician who can listen to them carefully and understand their concerns. Someone whose clinical skills deliver effective and hassle-free results with minimal discomfort or downtime.

We recommend that people should do their due diligence before choosing their treatment provider and not base their decision solely on the cheapest pricing in town. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Why Choose MedAesthetics?

At MedAesthetics, we are proud to have assembled a team of highly skilled medical doctors, registered nurses, and dermal clinicians who work together to provide the highest level of care.

We utilise state-of-the-art medical equipment and take great care in our treatment protocols, ensuring that our patients are thoroughly informed of the potential risks and complications associated with any procedure they may undergo.

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