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Non Surgical Neck Lift Perth

Treatment Highlights

• Clinically visible results
• Non-Surgical Treatment
• Careful patient selection


From $6500
Incorporates Advance Thread Lift Techniques & Skin Tightening Procedures.

Note: pricing is for general guideline only and may vary based upon the individual’s clinical requirement.


All cosmetic procedures carry risks. These include: swelling, bruising, infection, allergic reaction, asymmetrical results, vascular injury, nerve trauma, visual disturbances, psychological trauma and grievous body harm. For more information, please visit our website site and find the link to the “ Risks & Complications” page at the bottom of our website home page on Before / After images are of actual DermAesthetics/ Medaesthetics patients as well as stock images provided by the medical product suppliers. These images are for reference purpose only. Individual results may vary. Please obtain expert opinion from at least two different medical providers before undergoing any cosmetic treatment.

Welcome To MedAesthetics

Welcome to MedAesthetics, Perth’s Award-winning, Boutique Cosmetic Clinics since 2010.

At MedAesthetics, we offer the entire spectrum of cosmetic and anti-ageing treatments including cosmetic aesthetics, dermatological lasers, skin tightening, fat reduction, and cellulite treatments.

A Non-Surgical Neck Lift is a cosmetic procedure which aims to address the signs of facial ageing by lifting and tightening sagging facial tissues.

Dr Jadoon refined the technique of non-surgical neck lift by incorporating Advance Thread Lift and Helium gas skin tightening procedures.

The treatment is suitable for patients who do not want to undergo a surgical neck lift but want to have clinically noticeable results.

At MedAesthetics, we have been performing various types of Thread Lift procedures in Perth since 2010 and are one of the most experienced clinics in Thread Lift in WA.

Dr Ehsan Jadoon

What Is A Non Surgical Neck Lift by Dr Jadoon?

Dr Jadoon has been performing cosmetic surgical procedures such as surgical facelift, surgical neck lift, lip-lift, facial fat grafting and eyelid surgery for more than a decade.

Utilising his surgical knowledge and skills, Dr Jadoon has developed a non-surgical technique of lifting sagging facial features by combining Advance Thread Lifting procedures with medical skin tightening.  

The procedure is performed in the clinic. Hospitalisation is not needed.

Non Surgical Neck Lift by Dr Jadoon can be an effective non-surgical alternative to Mini Neck Lift in carefully selected patients.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

45 to 90 minutes.

Discomfort Level

Treatment area is fully numbed using local anaesthetic.

Downtime & Recovery

5 – 7 days in most cases.


Results are seen as soon as treatment related swelling settles in a few days.

Duration of Results

3 – 5 years in most cases.

Potential Risks & Complications

Please click here.

Note: Thread Lifts performed by inexperienced Clinicians often result in skin puckering and suboptimal outcomes.

General Information

Key Facial Areas Improved by Advanced Thread Lift:

• Generalised facial sagging
• Nasolabial folds
• Lower face & neck sagging
• Jawline sharpening
• Deep collagen production for skin rejuvenation

Treatment Limitations:

Patients experiencing facial volume loss (Hollowing) and those in their late forties and beyond, may require other treatment options (to be combined with Threads) or surgery to address their concerns.

Treatment Discomfort

With each treatment, special attention is paid to minimise any treatment discomfort.

This is achieved by applying specially formulated, ultra-high strength numbing creams, and cool air, along with using Inhalation Anaesthesia Gas (Laughing Gas).

Careful patient selection is the key to a clinically successful outcome.

Dr Ehsan Jadoon


All cosmetic treatments carry potential risks, complications and limitations. Please make sure you are fully aware of these before undergoing any treatment. If you are not sure about these risks, or may be unable to cope with them if you happen to experience any, then it’s best you do not under go any such treatment.

How To Choose Your Treatment Provider

Deciding to undergo cosmetic treatment can be a significant and sometimes daunting decision. It’s essential to select a practitioner who possesses the requisite expertise and empathetic understanding to effectively address your specific concerns.

At MedAesthetics, our fully qualified team of medical doctors, registered nurses, and dermal clinicians work together as a team to deliver effective clinical outcomes.

Why Choose MedAesthetics?

At MedAesthetics, our fully qualified team of medical doctors, registered nurses, and dermal clinicians work together as a team to deliver effective clinical outcomes.

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