Cosmetic Aesthetics Pricing

Cosmetic Aesthetics

Acne Scar Revision

From $600

Lines & Wrinkles

From $4.50 – $12/Unit
(Depending upon the Brand)

Aqua Gold Facial

From $600


From $900

Cheek Enhancement

From $700 per ml

Chin and Jawline Reshaping

From $700 per ml

Collagen Bio-Stimulating

From $1600 (x2 vials)

Excess Armpit Sweating/Hyperhydrosis

From $1200

Fat Dissolving

From $1200

Hand Rejuvenation

From $800

Jaw Slimming /Teeth Grinding

From $360

Lip Enhancement

$400 0.5ml
$600 1ml

Liquid Facelift

From $2200 4ml

Nose Reshaping

From $800

Skin Boosters

$500 1ml
$1300 3ml

Tear Troughs Reduction

From $800

Thread Lift

$1200 – $3800

Prices given above are for reference purpose only. In-clinic consultation is needed to determine treatment suitability and exact treatment requirement. All cosmetic procedures carry risk.

Consultation Fees

Dermal Therapist

$50 / 15-30 Minute Consult


Registered Cosmetic Nurse

$100 / 15-30 Minute Consult


Dr Ehsan Jadoon

$250 / 15-30 Minute Consult


What To Expect From Your Consultation

• Initial meeting and greeting with our admin and clinic staff. It is essential that you like our premises,
feel comfortable and are properly looked after by our team.

• Developing a trusting, professional relationship with our patients right from the start is at the heart of our successful clinical model.

• You will be asked to fill in our Patient Intake Form. This may include information such as your name,
contact details, medical history, current medications, allergies, skin type etc.

• We will make sure that you are provided with utmost privacy and encourage you to be open and honest.

• We will ask you questions about your past treatments and your experience with other clinics.

• Finally, a treatment plan will be devised which will be based upon your treatment preference, clinical requirement,
budgetary restraints and downtime limitations.

• Some consults are simple and straightforward; others may be complex and more detailed.

• If you chose to have a treatment done, the consultation fee will be reimbursed.

• We practice ethical medicine and will not try to up-sell any services or procedures you may not want or need..

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