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Nano Fat Grafting Perth Fat Transfer Procedure from MedAesthetics

Treatment Highlights

  • Nano Fat Grafting Technique: At MedAesthetics, we specialize in Nano Fat Grafting; a refined fat transfer procedure that processes fat cells with a sophisticated centrifuge system, enhancing their viability for improved outcomes.
  • Personalized Care and Follow-Up: Tailored treatment plans and comprehensive post-surgical follow-ups at no additional cost, ensuring your satisfaction and well-being throughout the recovery process.
  • Expertise and Comfort: Trust in the expertise of our clinical team, dedicated to providing effective aesthetic enhancements with an emphasis on patient comfort and care.

Cost of Fat Grafting

From $6,500

Note: pricing is for general guidelines only and may vary based on the individual’s clinical requirement.

Potential Risks
As this is a surgical procedure there are potential risks, including infection, swelling, bleeding or bruising, and contour irregularities. More information can be found below regarding this and if concerned we encourage you to speak with Dr Jadoon about the suitability of this procedure for you.

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Fat grafting (also known as ‘fat transfer’) is a cosmetic procedure where a person’s own fat cells are harvested from one part of their body and grafted to another area using small cannulas. The aim is to restore lost volume and enhance any natural contours.

Since 2011, Dr. Jadoon has gained substantial experience in Fat Grafting procedures on the face and other body areas .

Fat is a natural dermal filler which is rich in tissue growth factors.

Dr Ehsan Jadoon

Treatment Summary

Patient Suitability

The treatment is suitable for all adults with sound physical and mental health and a healthy lifestyle.
Treatment is not suitable for patients with body dysmorphic traits, emotionally volatile personalities and unrealistic expectations.

Procedure Time

60 to 120 minutes.

Discomfort Level

No discomfort once the treatment area is anaesthetised using local anaesthetic.

Recovery Time

10-14 days of initial healing.
A head bandage is applied for the first 72 hours.


Results are noticeable instantly but continue to improve over time as the swelling settles and sutures are taken out.

Duration of Results

Long-term (up to 5 years or more).

Resumption of Usual Activities

72 hours of complete rest after the procedure;
Light activities such as light house chores are allowed after 72 hours;
Walking is allowed after 3- 5 days;
Gym & Strenuous activities not allowed for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Potential Risks & Complications

-Bleeding and Bruising
-Irregularities in Contour
-Fat Necrosis

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General Information

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a surgical technique where a patient’s own fat cells are taken out from a body area such as the outer thighs, knees, or flanks, and injected into another area using fine cannulas.

The most popular areas for Fat Grafting / Fat Transfers are:
• Face
• Buttocks
• Breasts
• Cellulite dimples
• Traumatic scars & indentations

Note: At MedAesthetics, Dr. Jadoon does not perform breast or buttock enhancement with fat grafting.

What is Micro or Nano Fat Grafting?

Micro & Nano Fat Grafting procedures are slight variations of the same technique. At MedAesthetics we offer Nano Fat Grafting where the harvested fat is processed and washed using a state-of-the-art centrifuge system.

This increases the viability of the fat once it is grafted to the host area and provides improved clinical outcomes.

What Are The Benefits Of Fat Grafting?

Fat is regarded as the ideal, natural dermal filler.

Being natural to the body, it carries a much, much lower risk of allergic reactions and other complications associated with synthetic dermal fillers.

Large volumes of fat can be harvested to treat any area of the body to restore and enhance its contours.

Facial fat grafting is an excellent treatment to restore age-related facial volume loss and sagging.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

At MedAesthetics in Perth, we employ the Nano fat grafting technique using the world-renowned Microfill™ Centrifuge System. This procedure involves three steps:

  1. Fat is removed from the donor site on the body with a specially designed suction cannula (the area of fat usually targeted is the flanks or outer thighs).
  2. This fat is then processed and washed using a centrifuge system.
  3. Finally, it is injected into the targeted area using fine cannulas.

Post Surgical Follow Up

Complimentary follow-ups are included for all cosmetic surgery patients until they fully heal.

The Pain Factor

Our highly experienced clinical team does its utmost to minimise any treatment-associated pain or discomfort. Having fine motor skills and a gentle pair of hands are important assets for any clinician.

Depending on the procedure being performed, we use high-strength topical numbing cream, inhalation (laughing) gas, local anesthesia, and a skin-cooling device to make the procedure as tolerable as possible.


As per new AHPRA & Australian Medical Board guidelines, all cosmetic surgery patients will require a referral from a GP to be able to have a cosmetic surgery consultation.

All cosmetic patients will require a psychological assessment to rule out body dysmorphia before undergoing any cosmetic surgery.

How To Choose Your Treatment Provider

The decision to undergo any cosmetic treatment can be quite daunting for some people. It can be tough to find the right clinician who you can trust.

People want to choose a clinician who can listen to them carefully and understand their concerns.

We recommend that people do their due diligence before choosing their treatment provider and not base their decision solely on the price.

Why Choose MedAesthetics?

All treatments are performed by our highly experienced team of medical doctors, Registered Nurses, and Dermal Clinicians, who work together as a team.

We employ the latest and most advanced medical equipment and meticulously follow our treatment protocols. We dedicate substantial time to patient education, ensuring patients are informed of the potential risks and complications associated with each treatment to facilitate informed decision-making.

At MedAesthetics, we take pride in being truthful and ethical providers of cosmetic medical treatments.

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Potential Risks & Complications

All cosmetic procedures carry potential risks, complications, and treatment limitations. We advise patients to seek independent advice from an independent, appropriately qualified medical doctor before thinking about any type of cosmetic enhancement.