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Overview of Double Chin & Facial Liposuction

Facial Liposuction is routinely performed at Medaesthetics by Dr Ehsan Jadoon. The procedure helps to reduce facial swelling and puffiness (round face) due to extra fat deposits. 

Some patients carry excess facial fat due to genetic predisposition which often gets worse with ageing. Facial fat is usually resistant to exercise and diet. By reducing this fat through carefully performed Vaser Liposuction technique, we are able to achieve a more well-defined, youthful and sculpted facial appearance. 

Dr Ehsan Jadoon has been performing facial liposuction procedure in Perth since 2012. He uses advance 3D Vaser Liposuction technique to deliver excellent and natural-looking results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any adult male or female who is fit and healthy and is able to afford the surgery can opt to undergo this treatment. Most patients wanting this surgery are not happy with their facial appearance either due to having a double chin or a poorly defined jawline or excessively round/ puffy looking face. They want to achieve facial slimming, contouring and a more defined jawline. 


The procedure is performed under 50 minutes as day surgery under local anesthetic. Hospitalization is not required. 

Most patients find this procedure very easy to tolerate with minimal discomfort. At Medaesthetics, we make sure our patients are able to have treatments as painlessly as possible.

When correctly performed, it is a very safe procedure with a minimal risk profile. 

No, this is a separate procedure. Unlike Buccal Fat Removal Surgery which targets the deep fat in the mid-cheek area (on both sides of the lips); the facial liposuction targets subcutaneous fat in:

  • The lower face
  • The jawline
  • Both sides of the face
  • Double chin and neck area. 

Most patients see a more significant improvement in facial slimming and contouring with facial liposuction than what's achievable with the Buccal Fat Removal Surgery alone. Rarely, these two procedures have to be performed together to get the desired results. 


Vaser liposuction is the gold standard in removing excess body fat from any given area. There is no other treatment which can match its efficacy. The results are visible within two weeks after the surgery and (unlike Fat-dissolving Injections) there is minimal discomfort in the recovery stage. You only require this procedure once. 


Only one treatment is needed. 

$4000 all-inclusive. 

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